About Us

Karibu sana, grab a seat.

Do you love massages as much as we do? yes? Then you will love our website! You know why? because the whole singular purpose behind us building this website is to help people like you, and I to find the best – and I mean the absolute best – massage places in Nairobi … and Kenya.

Our aim is be Nairobi & Kenya’s most comprehensive online massage guide featuring the tiniest venue to the talk of the town.

You must agree with me that is quite hard to find a good massage place right now. And no one knows why this is the case. So we’re going to fix that; we are going to connect you to the best massages in the city!

Do you own a massage parlour? Are you a masseuse?
Then listen up. Your business is to operate your business. Our business is to provide you with an onlline presence that results in a consistent flow of customers to your door and a strong, verifiable return on your investment in us.

The reason for our existence is to connect you to your customers, so join us and let us see how high we can fly together.