Head Massage

While radically different from a ‘normal’ body massage, a Head Massage is one of the most relaxing and easiest types of massage. This massage does not require privacy, and one can keep all the clothes on during the massage.

Head Massage

Normally when you massage someone, you manipulate a stiff joint or work on a tight muscle. But there are no big muscles on the head that you can feel, and there are no joints that you can mobilize. You really only feel skin and bone. So why does it feel so wonderful? This is not an easy question to answer and scientists may be tempted to say things like “it increases blood flow to the brain” or “catalyses the release of some body chemicals with relaxing qualities” … and these may all be true!

However, some of the most beautiful things in life defy scientific explanations like falling in love, holding your baby, watching an incredible sunset or having an amazing dream – and yes, you can add a wonderful head massage to that list.

Benefits of head massage

  • Relieves of tension headaches, eye strain, nasal congestion, jaw ache and hangovers!
  • Alleviates stress, anxiety, lethargy and mild depression
  • Improves skin and hair condition
  • Brings about restful, refreshing sleep