Rebalancing Massage

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Rebalancing was developed in the late seventies in the Osho Commune in Pune, India. Many therapists from different backgrounds were at that time ready for a new holistic approach to bodywork. Under Osho’s guidance and personal feedback Rebalancing was born. It was a meeting of Western scientific methodology combined with Eastern meditative practice.

Rebalancing massage

Rebalancing is a form of body oriented awareness work, which brings people back into harmony with themselves. It works with a unique synthesis of deep and soft connective tissue manipulation, joint release, energy and breath work, body reading, body awareness training as well as emotions and their expression.

This method is a highly structured and scientific body-therapy, using deep-tissue massage, supporting us to come back into balance with ourself. Rebalancing is a simple way to reconnect with your body and its natural grace.

Rebalancing massage sessions are a method of deep relaxation, healing, balance and relaxation through the body.